The National Association of Construction Lenders (NACL)

The National Association of Construction Lenders (NACL) is a dba of the National Association of Residential Construction Lenders (NARCL). Both are a nonprofit national Trade Associations representing the financial service providers in the residential and commercial construction industry. The mission is to provide education, information, policy development, development of standards & practices for the benefit of consumers, investors and others in the construction community, both commercial and consumer. NACL is one of the few organizations that is primarily devoted to construction lending and provides a forum to create best practices in the industry. By creating awareness with best practices, the availability of construction loans will increase at a lower risk to all involved.

Key Initiatives

  • Consumer, Builder, Lender, Supplier & Other Education
  • Development of Guidelines and Standards
  • Standardized Forms for Construction Lending
  • National Key-Note Conference Calls for Membership
  • Portfolio & Lending Statistics for Membership